December 24, 2008

A Sincere Meaningful Wish, A Sincere Meaningful Hope, A Sincere Meaningful Manifestation;

Eradication & Resourcefully Effective Management of Global Hunger and Malnutrition

Are you Aware

Hunger and malnutrition kill a child every 4 seconds


I was very much shocked and still shocked whilst compling these few words very sadly and with extreme concern when I came to know of this a short while ago

(A lot can be spoken, but what is done meaningfully is what matters and although a lot of meaningful actions are being taken, these very much need the continual and effective participation of Millions of People World Wide since this is an critical aspect of alarming proportions that needs to be effectively and resourcefully managed / very carefully controlled)


I knew regarding the above, but not that it is so very acute and of very alarming and critical proportions, this is of extreme concern

Spread the Message

I would wish to take this opportunity to request spreading of this message, to encourage those that can help in whatever reasonable capacity to alleviate those who are facing this extremely challenging crisis to be able to overcome it and establishment of a meaningful sustenance that becomes a firm and reliable platform for now and echelons to come.

Envisaged Hope

I would wish to promote the awareness across different platforms of communications with the sincere hope that it will help to encourage support and much needed resolute and urgent steps to eradicate the hunger and malnutrition

– through strategic and well formulated steps of well supported, decisive actions on a Global basis, reaching across to the Millions of Individuals who could further help us with the much needed support to compliment this causes meaningful objectives and sustain it wisely.

Extreme Concern

I am wishing to express these few words of concern while appreciating the initiatives taken by various such as The World Food Programme, which is very commendable and appreciated.

Commendable / Noble / Noteworthy

The actions being taken by this Respected Organization is a very noble service and deserves the very highest praise and encouragement.

Global Efforts

There are various Respected Organizations helping with alleviating the Global hunger and malnutrition crisis and each and every effort taken by the respective organizations is very much appreciated.


While searching on the Internet, I came across the following

Source of Link (The World Food Programme (WFP)

Source of Link (UNICEF – Nutrition – World Food Day: Food is a right for all children)


Extremely thought provoking statistical data seeking to serve as a reminder of how resourcefully certain People are able to, accomplish more with the minimal means; But at the same time very concerning and extremely sad as well since the following statistic featured above is one that is of extreme concern;


Hunger and malnutrition kill a child every 4 seconds.

Extremely Challenging & Of Highest Level of Concern

This is extremely sad since we have self sufficiency Globally in so many Countries and when this plight is being actually experienced tends to bring to attention the certain inadvertent ignorance or lack of information that is attributing to this.


This is of very serious and severely critical concern and amongst the greatest challenges of the current and future times


The various statistics featured regarding this very seriously critical and extremely acute / severe matter are of extremely great concern,

– And amongst the very most severe concerns being the time factor, since to even think for a moment, how four seconds go by or even if this might be five seconds, a Life is definitely Very Much More Precious than four to five seconds

– And to think that while this paragraph is read, already four to five seconds have already elpased

– But due to the enormity of this extremely serious situation, no thoughts can ever be diverted towards thinking of the negative or deficient aspects

– Positive / Concrete steps that can be taken, Effective Strategies that can be helpful in assisting with alleviation of this extremely serious situation are urgently required

– Even the very simplest of actions, no matter how small or how large, regardless are commendable and very much appreciated

– It is never the magnitude but the every single effort, the every single meaningful action that could help save every Child that is a milestone of a lifetime accomplished.

– Of what essence are accomplishments that relate to magnanimous awards and posthumous celebrations, since what is more essential and extremely emergent is the much needed assistance to effectively combat this situation decisively

– At any stage of Life, when the question is put forth what accomplishments were made, even the greatest of accomplishments and feats would be considered trivial to the much needed encouragement and support for this extremely important cause, namely the eradication and effective management of hunger and malnutrition responsibly

–  it is completely a futile process (this is referring to wars and conflicts), since where the actual investment of efforts are required, the necessary infrastructure along with the finances and equipments are required especially for such extremely needy cause, it is very unjust that the concerned resources are being diverted away due to the condemnable attacks by perpetrators

– The perpetrators do not realize that this extremely serious problem is so very critical that is greater than any of their causes

– They are committing the greatest sins, because they are taking away the much needed resources away from the much needed causes that greatly needs this urgent help

– It is very sincerely wished and hope that meaningful reason will prevail and the respective factors that relate to much needed support and mobilization on a more comprehensive and intensive scale is accomplished urgently

– Those who are already taking every possible effort need to be encouraged in their noble initiatives and we should inspire them to guide us in the right directions as well since the aim is one, to help eradicate hunger and malnutrition effectively and rapidly

– This is more easily said than done because the extent to which this is prevalent is extending across very extensively and very sincerely needs much more from The People all across The World

– Every initiative taken would be very greatly appreciated please

Very Extremely Sad

This is indeed extremely sad to know that where there is an abundance of food available, its value is not realized

Swift Decisive and Considerate Steps

And in this day and time, hunger and malnutrition is snatching away amongst the most precious assets every 4 seconds,

– this is indeed calling for intervention of more immediate attention to this extremely critical plight and our sincere prayers, wishes and vision reaches out hoping that this specific affliction will be swiftly resolved


Even imagining this is amongst the very most concerning since innocent Children being deprived of their very basic amenities due to lack of even the most basic ingredient of Life, Food/Nutrition is unthinkable of in this present day

Humble Collaboration

Every one of us can think of ways how to firmly eradicate this decisively since complaining about it or blaming any one would not provide the desired results


Every step taken in this direction must be appreciatively applauded / commended and pioneered since even now when these few humble words are being written,

– seeking to reach across; to stimulate the relevant approaches that could help further energize and empower the essential movements in the respective alleviating directions / causes, four seconds are gone away

Life Each and Every Single Life is certainly very much more precious than four seconds and just now while searching on the Internet, I came across search results that specified that Hunger and Mal Nutrition being considered amongst the very most highest of risks to Health Worldwide


Rather than writing too many words, expressing anguish at this unfortunate plight, I shall in my capacity take every reasonable and meaningful effort to promote and highlight this considerably


I know that today as I have come across this very concerning revelation, many more of us will each take a particular note of this and do our very Best towards contributing our efforts, our resources towards ensuring that this malady is eradicated

Phenomenal Challenge

It is amongst the very biggest of challenges ever faced that calls for immediate and effective action; an action that is noble and will provide us the Blessings and Good Wishes of a Lifetime

Nature / The Universe

Nature and The Universe will reward us with the very most precious of treasures even if we are able to as much as save even a single Life

Consistent / Well Planned and Sustained Action / Effective Set of Measures

This is not calling only for a action that is passionate for one particular set of moments, hours or days, in fact this is already at the forefront for me,

– it has become amongst the salient of my Life’s initiatives and I take a pledge to take every reasonable effort in my capacity to do the very best possible within my means to contribute to this endeavor consistently

Every Effort(s) Counts and Matters

It is not the amount of efforts but the sincere initiatives that will count in helping to effectively tackling this very serious problem (in fact calling it a problem is not correct, it is a serious situation and much more, every four seconds is very concerning)

Enormity / Hopeful Miracles

In fact, when I commenced reading this data and searched on the Internet,

– I was shocked to make note of the enormity of this situation and my every thought and wish is reaching across to those afflicted; to the precious Lives that are at stake; sincerely praying for Miracles for the effective set of steps and measures

Sincere Manifestation, Thoughts & Wishes / Hopes

I am manifesting the measures already being taken on a more larger scale although while this is being written also, understandably tremendous efforts are being continually taken

– but this calls for a more larger initiative that needs the much needed assistance and contribution of People all across the World sincerely to effectively eradicate this critically serious challenge


The next time that a Person complains that I don’t like this food, I don’t like that food and ignorantly neglects the food on hand should for a few moments reflect upon and understand the critical circumstances relating to the captioned.

Understand / Fortune Indeed

They would understand that being provided with sufficient food, shelter, clothing; being amongst their Loving Families, Friends and Communities, it is a great privilege and fortune indeed.

At Least Wish Well, Think, Hope for Those In Need

Even if each and every one us as much as pledges one single wish, a few moments wishing for eradication and effective management of this crisis, then that wish, that hope,

– that single thought along with the Millions of additional thoughts would augment and compliment the efforts that are already being instituted / actions being implemented in this context diligently.

If Possible Spread the message, Spread the awareness of this critical aspect so that the concerned are able to avail of a *treasure of recourses to compliment their efforts effectively and efficiently.

*Treasure of Resources

This is being referred to as the treasure of resources since the nobility of this mission is one of incredible importance and every effort taken / every assistance / good wishes / hopes extended and hoped for are a blessing for those taking the respective initiatives.

The Gift of Life

What treasure can be greater than the Gift of Life?

No Answer

There is absolutely no answer that is equitable to the above since the Gift of Life is that splendid / magnificent / precious treasures that is accorded the predominant precedence and the very most highest and significant stature ever;

– there is indeed no gift comparable to the Gift of Life; it is priceless and a splendid treasure of treasures; the most precious jewel of jewels is this Wonderful Life.


When we say our daily prayers, we should include the complete Universe in our thoughts and pray for the Welfare, Peace, Prosperity and Progress of the Universe consistently

– and to make sure to foremost pray for the Children; that they are able to avail of adequate / sufficient Food and Nutrition promptly , all across The World.


Whether the investment is one single thought, one single action, one single endeavor or multiple endeavors; the essence /

– the purpose of the objective is not intended to seek acclaim or any other virtue; it is but solely contributing / giving back in what reasonable capacity we can and will gratefully.

Thought / Pioneer

It is understood and recognized that it is the thought that counts; the initiative that counts; the purposeful action that counts, the meaningful endeavors that count;

– hence, even the most smallest of actions could help pioneer this vision and help this cause to establish its effective and meaningful implementation urgently.


This is reaching across meaningfully, This reaching across nobly; This is reaching across intentionally for a noble purpose; A cause, An extremely meaningful and purposeful objective that could H E L P save Millions of Precious Life(s).


Miracle(s) happen in This World, Miracle(s) happen in This Universe; The very miracle happening is that this message is reaching across meaningfully

– and is being interpreted / understood for the very essence that it signifies namely; the effective eradication of Hunger and Malnutrition in Children World Wide.


We should appreciate and gratefully utilize each and every moment, each and every resource wisely and responsibly focused consistently upon eradication of Hunger and Mal Nutrition Globally as well as simultaneously wish for Universal Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and Progress consistently

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina; Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina

May One and All be Happy;May One and All have well-being;

May Happiness be showered on all;May One and All be Healthy

O Lord Protect us

O Lord Guide us

O Lord Grant us Wisdom

O Lord Lead us from darkness to Light (From ignorance to Knowledge)

O Lord May there be Universal Peace,

Happiness, Prosperity and Progress

Sincere Hopes, Thoughts, Wishes, Manifestations

With Sincere Hopes and Thoughts for an Effective Resolution to resourcefully counteract and enable an effective management of this Critical Challenge Globally,

Vashi Ram Chandi


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